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What Causes White Spots on Teeth?

Mostly, people are aware of the brown spots on teeth and other teeth discolouration problems. But what makes them surprised is getting white spots on their teeth. The problem can be treatable, but one needs to learn about the causes first so that it would be easier to get the solution and prevent white spots on teeth.

This guide contains information on the leading causes of teeth’ white spots; read on and uncover the details.

White Spots on Teeth: Meaning

The discolouration of teeth caused white spots on the teeth. These spots are a comparatively different white shade from your teeth’s original colour. The white spots are not harmful to the teeth’ health, but they only affect your teeth’ appearance and make one’s smile look weird. Sometimes, the spots are signs of early tooth decay, so if anyone faces this issue, it’s best to contact the nearest dentist as soon as possible and find out the real cause.

What Causes White Spots on Teeth?

There are multiple reasons why one faces white spots on teeth. Once educated about the causes, one may go for further treatment and eliminate the problem accordingly. The major causes of white spots on teeth are:

Unbalanced Diet/ Consuming Low Calcium

The unavailability of calcium in a person’s diet can harm his overall health. Similarly, the calcium deficiency effect on teeth weakens the enamel, which is why one faces white spots on teeth. The problem can be solved by starting to eat high calcium and low acid diet. Foods including cheese, nuts, almonds, and green vegetables are most likely to increase the calcium in the body.

Bacterial Overgrowth

The human mouth is one of the best places where bacteria can grow and thrive effortlessly. This growth of bacteria is harmful to the teeth’s health and condition, and it can cause severe, dangerous dental diseases like tooth decay, cavities, white spots on teeth, and others. Hence, one can keep your mouth away from bacteria by maintaining good oral health.


Fluorosis is a condition of decay and discolouration of teeth that occurs when a person consumes too much fluoride. Fluoride is an ingredient that helps clean the teeth and mouth ideally, but taking fluoride in vast quantities can cause fluorosis. It is commonly found in children whose teeth are fragile and going through from development phase.


People who choose to wear braces for the alignment of their teeth can get white spots on teeth where brackets were glued on teeth. These marks are not permanent and can diminish themselves over time. However, not taking exemplary oral health can make it longer to remove these spots.

Sleeping with Open Mouth

Sometimes the temporary white spots on teeth arise when you sleep with your mouth open, and the teeth get dehydrated because of insufficient saliva and show up white spots. Similarly, when the saliva hits the teeth, then the teeth become hydrated and stop showing those spots.

Illness and Medications

Another reason for white spots on teeth is taking medicines for high fever like amoxicillin and others. The high-powered medicines become the reason for weak enamel and generate white spots. It’s most common in children who consume the medications for high fever while their teeth develop.

Enamel Hypoplasia

When the enamel is thinner than usual, the condition is called enamel hypoplasia, resulting in white spots on teeth. Its mainly caused due to nutritional deficiency, side effects of medications, prenatal smoking, high fever, and others. The problem can be fixed by taking a balanced diet, avoiding prenatal smoking, and taking good care of oral health.

Plaque Buildup

Plaque can quickly build when one does not care completely for their mouth and teeth. Similarly, plaque buildup can be the reason for the discolouration of teeth. It mostly happens with the people who had braces and couldn’t maintain brushing and flossing habits then. 

Final Words

Lastly, if one faces similar white spots on teeth, then maybe it’s because of the above-said causes. However, the best solution for all is to consult the dentist quickly and resolve the issue. So one can keep on smiling continuously and flawlessly.

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